• <h3>Mabey provides bridge for local businesses after Colorado flooding damages main access to resort</h3> <p>When Colorado experienced severe flooding in 2013, road access was affected and many bridges damaged. Glacier Lodge Resort’s primary entrance, a 40 foot wooden bridge was damaged, so Mabey Inc. supplied a 70 foot Mabey Uuniversal Bridge, in time for the resort’s busiest period.</p>
  • <h3>Mabey Bridge supplies four wind towers to wind farm at Hampole </h3>
<p>Good Energy agreed to build Hampole Wind Farm and asked Mabey Bridge to manufacture four wind turbine towers at the onshore wind farm, situated near Doncaster, UK. Mabey manufactured the towers, ensuring carbon footprint was kept to a minimum and supporting UK jobs and boosting the domestic economy.</p3>
  • <h3>Mabey Hire provides SEH Group with groundworks training</h3>
<p> SEH Group took part in the Mabey Hire Training Academy’s three day groundworks training course; with 17 team members attending. The main reason for participation in the course was that, although the team had some on-site groundworks experience, they had no formal training.</p3>

Mabey is a major engineering organisation which provides bridging, specialist steel fabrication and non-mechanical plant rental.

We have a strong tradition of innovation in engineering and bridge-building which will continue to shape our vision for the future. From our foundations in 1923, we have built up our reputation for providing innovative products into the worldwide construction industry.

Employing 1,100 people in 115 countries around the world, we have set the standard for shoring, propping, bridging and specialist steelwork across the utilities, highways, rail and building sectors.

The Group of companies comprise Mabey Bridge, Mabey Hire, Mabey Inc. and Mabey Hire PTY.

We bring our expertise to partnerships with designers, contractors, installers and clients in both the public and private sectors. Our capability is based on state-of-the art design technology, an extensive network of depots for rental equipment and manufacturing capacity, currently approaching 100,000 tonnes a year.

We’re proud to have improved the built infrastructure across the UK and around the world; from bespoke, award-winning designs that grace many modern cities, to emergency humanitarian solutions that help populations in disaster-hit areas, through to many innovative temporary works solutions that make construction safe and efficient.